Top 8 Most Beautiful Filipino Women 2018

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What’s so beautiful about Philippines? Forget about the scenic spots for a while and focus on the lovely women of the country. Talented and pretty ladies have always managed to have a Filipino connection which leaves us thinking if the secret to eternal beauty is hidden in some corners of Philippines! Once you delve into the beauty of Filipino women, there is no going back! Some of you look really confused but that could simply be due to your less exposure to these lovely ladies. How about we help you discover the most beautiful women who have Filipino blood in them?

Number 1. Marian Rivera
Number 2. Liza Soberano
Number 3. Julie Anne San Jose
Number 4. Sarah Geronimo
Number 5. Katrina Halili
Number 6. Kristine Hermosa
Number 7. Janella Salvador
Number 8. Coleen Garcia

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