Top 7 Most Expensive Toys And Games Only 1% Can Afford

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Ah, this is a nightmare for every parent- expensive toys and games that their children “cannot do without”! As a parent you have spent quite a few bucks on play stuff that either breaks within a week or magically disappears leaving behind a sobbing child! This situation is even worse when the broken toy was the most expensive one that your child had and cost you a GRAND sum of money, ouch- that hurt a lot! But you’d be surprised to know that no matter how much you spend on single toy for your kid, you just cannot make it to the list of the most expensive toys, simply because you gotta be crazy to spend such a huge amount on a toy! So shall we move on to the list?

Number 1. Astolat Dollhouse Castle
Number 2. L’Oiseleur
Number 3. Madame Alexander Eloise
Number 4. Lamborghini Aventador Model Car
Number 5. Shimansky Soccer Ball
Number 6. Steiff Louis Vuitton Teddy Bear
Number 7. Golden Monopoly

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