Top 15 Countries Where One Dollar Can Actually Get You Something

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Are you a fan of travel, silly question- who isn’t? Jetting off to an unknown land is one of the best ways to rejuvenate your distressed soul! But not everyone’s pocket allows them to book into the sea-view suite of a 7 star hotel! Many of us look out for bargain offers because traveling on a shoestring budget is no joke. Imagine you splurged on cocktails at that fancy bar in the posh area of the city, went over budget and are now struggling with the last few dollars. Not a situation you would want to end up into but maybe knowing what you can get in a dollar would help!

Number 1. Tanzania
Number 2. Italy
Number 3. USA
Number 4. Egypt
Number 5. Malaysia
Number 6. Peru
Number 7. UAE
Number 8. Russia
Number 9. France
Number 10. India
Number 11. Czech Republic
Number 12. Hungary
Number 13. China
Number 14. Denmark
Number 15. Vietnam

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