Top 10 Most Beautiful Spanish Women That Are Too Hot To Handle

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Hola people, welcome to Spain- the perfect tourist destination with its geographical and cultural diversity! From Madrid to Barcelona, Spanish cities are known around the world for their European architecture and attract flocks of tourists every year. But is that all there is to one of the warmest corners of Europe? Apart from its rich history and fauna, Spain boasts of immense beauty held by the female clan. There is no way that you have never heard of the unparalleled beauty that oozes out of every inch of Spanish women! Even if you’ve never got a chance to be swept off your feet by their insane good looks, you haven’t lost anything. We present to you a list of the most beautiful Spanish women, hold your breath and plunge in!

Number 1. Amaia Salamanca Urizar
Number 2. Penélope Cruz
Number 3. Elsa Pataky
Number 4. Lorena Ayala
Number 5. Eugenia Silva
Number 6. Nathalia Ramos
Number 7. Claudia Moro
Number 8. Belinda Peregrín
Number 9. Clara Alonso
Number 10. Lorena Bernal

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