Top 10 Most Beautiful Australian Women 2018

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Hey people, is there anyone planning to visit Australia or has already been there? Australia- the country where everything can and will kill you! From scorpions to vipers and from koalas to kangaroos, cute or not- every animal in Australia is waiting to feast on you. Amid so much danger, you meet the Australian people and realize they are friendly enough to compensate for the danger this country puts you in! But there’s a catch here- the women! The Australian women can kill you, with their looks! Hello, have you really never heard about the beauty these women have and the grace and elegance they ooze? Poor you, but now we shall unveil the faces of 10 of the most gorgeous Australian women. Take a deep breath and walk with us on the path of beauty!

Number 1. Margot Elise Robbie
Number 2. Miranda Kerr
Number 3. Yvonne Strahovski
Number 4. Rachael Taylor
Number 5. Delta Goodrem
Number 6. Emily Scott
Number 7. Claire Holt
Number 8. Jessica Gomes
Number 9. Eliza Taylor
Number 10. Abbie Cornish

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