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Take A Sneak Peek Inside The Lives Of Richest Kids On Instagram Right Now

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In our previous video, we made a list of the richest adults of Instagram. Now meet the richest, hyper privileged boys and girls of Instagram and their lavish lifestyle.

Number 1. Dorothy Wang

When your father is worth over $4 billion, your Instagram feed would probably look something like this.
Dubbed as the next Kim Kardashian, Dorothy’s Insta following is over 976,000! And a quick look through her profile shows pictures of expensive bags, latest fashion, lavish meals and luxury cars.

Number 2. Morgan Stewart

Being a party animal and a college dropout would mean a career disaster for most of us. But not for Morgan, whose net worth is now estimated at $5 million. But, if you think her only hobbies are drinking and shopping, check out her blog, Boobs & Loubs. Which is named after her two favourites : Louboutin shoes and her own boobs.

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