How Your Body Language Tells That Your Relationship Is In Trouble

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How many times have you heard that your body language talks more than your tongue? Don’t answer that, because it’s tons of times! It is a well-known fact that body language plays an important role in expressing your feelings, in fact when words fail to convey the message, actions will do the talking! This gives birth to a new saying, “Lips lie but hips don’t lie”! That was a bad one but bear with us! Anyway, the point is that often times our partners cannot put their thoughts to words and that’s exactly when we gotta decode the truth behind their non-verbal cues. You aren’t alone in this, hold our hand and allow us to guide you through this dark patch in your relationship!

Number 1. Growing apart
Number 2. Difference in touch
Number 3. Reduced empathy
Number 4. A different pace
Number 5. Smirking
Number 6. Lack of eye contact
Number 7. Public humiliation
Number 8. Indifference

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