Do you believe in God? Why or why not?

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What would your reaction be if we ask you whether or not you believe in God? We’ll have two groups here debating for and against the topic! The existence of God has been up for debate ever since the idea originated but the 21st century has seen a new level of questioning. Wait, we aren’t complaining- after all, we live off such spicy and heated discussions! Jokes apart, the concept of religion and God is personal to every individual and while they may be very different, none of them is wrong or right. See how diplomatic we are but the point here is not about our views but about the reasoning each group presents for their side of the belief. So shall we begin this journey of contrasting facts, belief systems and reasoning? Alert: proceed with caution, this might be against your opinions!

Number 1. The existence of life
Number 2. God of gaps
Number 3. The start of universe
Number 4. Perfection in God’s messages
Number 5. The universe follows rules
Number 6. Flawed God

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