Dark Secrets Of Hollywood That No One Tells You

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Who wouldn’t want to be a part of the madness that’s called HOLLYWOOD? There is glamor, there is fame and ample money but most importantly there is controversy! Behind the pancaked faces and designer outfits of celebs, there’s a different dimension- one that you may not like so much! Once you set aside the spotlight, you’ll see that there are dark corners of tinsel town where a lot of secrets are buried. While Hollywood wants us to view the industry as a magical world, getting hold of these dark and ugly secrets will tell you how ruthless everything is and trust us, it won’t be a pretty site! But if you insist on knowing the ugly truth, we have you covered. So light up your torches and allow us to take you to the dark caves behind the glitz of Hollywood!

Number 1. Career boosting relationships
Number 2. Past in adult industry
Number 3. Unforgettable criminal past
Number 4. Starving before award night
Number 5. Cheating schedules
Number 6. Illegal substances are included in budget

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