8 Warning Signals Of A Poisonous Relationship

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Love is a wonderful thing. It is such a wonderful feeling to have that sweet someone in your life. After all, only a fraction of people in this world are able to find their true soul mate. But, there are some elements in this relationship which are not totally under your control. These aspects just add some unwanted toxicity in the association. It would be certainly helpful if you identified the warning signs beforehand. Here are 8 indicators that help you recognize toxic relationships from the beginning itself.

Number 8. You Jump To Conclusions Early On
Number 7. You Don’t Listen To Everything That Your Partner Says
Number 6. You Sideline Your Friends To Please Your Partner
Number 5. You Start Neglecting Your Interests
Number 4. You Ignore The Warning Signals
Number 3. You Believe Blindly In Everything Your Partner Says
Number 2. Jealousy Starts Taking Over Every Little Thing
Number 1. You Just Can’t Refuse Your Partner’s Whims

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