8 Things You Should Never Do In India

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How many of you have India in your bucket list? That was a silly question, keeping in mind the country’s diversity in terms of culture and food, loads of people flock to India every year. It all makes sense because the country caters to everyone, from luxury travelers to backpackers to people looking for spiritual solace! Even though India is ideal for your much needed getaway, you might experience a cultural shock- especially if you are a westerner! We don’t wanna scare you but you are prone to making some cultural faux pas. Now, the good news is that Indians are pretty forgiving toward foreigners but a little knowledge about the norms would save you unnecessary embarrassment!

Number 1. Don’t be offended by intrusive questions
Number 2. Don’t strike up religious or political conersations
Number 3. Don’t address elders by their name
Number 4. Don’t display affection publicly
Number 5. Don’t question anyone’s sexuality
Number 6. Don’t give in to the plight of beggars
Number 7. Don’t expect everyone to speak English
Number 8. Don’t think about beef

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