7 Things You Can Do Only In Tokyo

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Hello to all the travelers out there! A quick question- Does Japan make it your bucket list? Congrats, you are joining the flock of people who head to the land of the rising sun year after year! It would be silly to ask but does Tokyo feature on your itinerary? You have to be kidding us, there is no way a trip to Japan is complete without paying a visit to its capital city plus Tokyo can NEVER get boring! Talk about a lethal mix of avant-garde and traditional and Tokyo is the best place you’ll find it! But we aren’t talking about the sites you’ll see in the tourist guide books, but the smaller spots and events that are either offbeat or downright bizarre for tourists! If you wanna soak in the Japanese culture like the locals, we have you covered with a list of things that you can do only in Tokyo. This isn’t worth missing so let’s begin!

Number 1. Race go-carts while in cosplay
Number 2. Get your electronics blessed
Number 3. Visit an entire hello kitty park
Number 4. Dine in some weird restaurants
Number 5. Plunge into Disney Sea
Number 6. Walk the busiest intersection
Number 7. Watch “animal escape”

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