7 Strange Facts You Don’t Know about Shark

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Sharks have been on earth for as long as 400 million years, which is 50 million years longer than trees. Whoa, seems like sharks are packed with survival instinct! Since they have been around for so long, they have found ways to survive and being deadly is surely one of them. Humans see them more threatening than they really are but their evolution success is most likely based on the fact that they are apex predators. But you aren’t here to learn about this, we have lured you into a discussion about their intimate moments under a blanket of water! So shall we begin? Alert: You’ll be glad that you aren’t a female shark!

Number 1. The lovemaking is anything but gentle
Number 2. Females hide to avoid unwanted male advances
Number 3. Females have evolved thicker skin
Number 4. Male sharks have 2 sausages
Number 5. Sharks can reproduce asexually
Number 6. Female sharks indulge in infidelity
Number 7. Shark pups cannibalize each other

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