7 Deadly Armored Vehicles That Need Your Attention Right Now

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Are you a big man? Uhmm, that came out wrong- we didn’t mean big as in size, you see the focus was on VIPs! So if you are such a big name in the world, there is a high chance that you fear for your life. That’s a sad reality of today but when you are a powerful person you are likely to receive threats from the “bad guys”! What to do in such a situation- will you never leave your house or give up on everything you’ve achieved to stay safe? Those rather extreme options don’t tempt most of us, that’s where the need for armored vehicles comes up! Believe it or not, there are some really badass vehicles that can give a tough time to even the most experienced assassins. If you are intrigued by vehicles, bullets, assassins and the likes, this video is definitely for you so sit back and let the action begin!

Number 1. Presidential state car
Number 2. Azzam Yacht
Number 3. Air-Force-One
Number 4. Eclipse Yacht
Number 5. MRAP
Number 6. BearCat X3
Number 7. Rook

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