7 Coolest Gyms In The World

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What image is carved in your brain when you hear the word gym? Rows of treadmills, stacks of weights, sweaty gym goers, and macho looking gym trainers- all of this gets boring after a while, apart from the last bit OBVIOUSLY! But did you know that gyms can be so much more than just sweat rooms? We mean like, a getaway for an exhilarating experience! Don’t be shocked people, such testosterone stations do exist and we are taking you right there where the action is, through this video of course! But before you decide to hit one of these gyms, check your passport because you may need a trip across the ocean!

Number 1. Illohia Omotesando Fitness Gym, Tokyo, Japan
Number 2. EcoPower Fitness Portland, Oregon
Number 3. Rock Climbing Gym Polur, Iran
Number 4. Hydropark Outdoor Gym, Kiev, Ukraine
Number 5. Atomic Spa Milan, Italy
Number 6. NFC Court San Francisco, California
Number 7. Red Rocks Amphitheater Morrison, Colorado

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