7 Best Exercises To Pump Up Shoulders And Triceps

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Anybody here who wants bigger arms? Oh, a lot of you! So guys, what muscles do you focus on to get bigger arms? Biceps, obviously! After all, biceps are the most shown off muscles on the planet! Well, that’s where you are wrong because to build huge guns, you gotta work more on your triceps than on the biceps. Do you know that 66% of your arm is made up of triceps and the rest is biceps? Oh and yes, big arms will look good only when you have proportionate shoulders to go with them. In short, your arm workout needs enough participation of the shoulders and triceps. So shall we tell you about some exercises that will help you achieve the muscular arms of your dreams?

Number 1. Rear Delt Dumbbell fly
Number 2. Lateral Raise
Number 3. Cable front raise
Number 4. Pulley Push Down
Number 5. Cable triceps kickback
Number 6. One arm reverse push downs
Number 7. Weighted dips

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