5 Strange And Mysterious Videos That Are Hard To Explain

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How many times have you come across a creepy video that left you shocked? From ghost sightings to inexplicable traffic accidents to people disappearing mysteriously, so many videos have come up on the internet that sent a chill down our spines. Most of these videos were impossible to explain and left us in jitters! Do you have a strong heart? If yes, you may sit through this video that will take you on a ride to the creepiest corners of the world where mysteries survive FOREVER! It not, don’t attempt to watch this video. Okay who are we kidding? That buildup was enough to ignite a spark of curiosity so you are watching it anyway but just don’t freak out when a ghost pops up on the screen!

Number 1. Possessed Chinese woman
Number 2. Mysterious figure escapes hotel room
Number 3. L.A. hotel sees Elevator trouble
Number 4. Hospital ghost
Number 5. The Teleporting man

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