Top 5 Islands That Celebrate Wildlife Like None Other

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Who doesn’t want to head to an island to spend a few days relaxing in the arms of nature? Probably nobody, after all, they offer amazing beaches, surfing opportunities and gorgeous reefs. If that isn’t up to your taste then maybe you could head to islands where volcanoes, indigenous tribes and mesmerizing hiking trails are in abundance. There is so much for everyone at an island that you can’t get bored. But there are certain islands that aren’t known for their picturesque views but for the unique animal populations that they support. But you won’t be able to visit them all because some of them are protected from human contact or are too dangerous and then there are some that attract tourists from around the globe for these animal species. Let’s take you on a tour to some of these, fasten your seat belts for safety!

Number 1. Año Nuevo Island
Number 2. Okunoshima Island
Number 3. Henderson Island
Number 4. Isle Royale
Number 5. Assateague Island

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