5 Horrifying Incidents Of Dog Attacks On Humans

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How many of you have a four legged friend at your house who wags its tail and licks your face every time you enter? We see so many faces light up at the mere mention of your pet dog, we aren’t complaining! Dogs really are adorable, the ideal beings to cuddle, so is there anyone who doesn’t like them? Okay, a lot of you nodded heads to that but you gotta have cynophobia, or the fear of dogs to not like the canines. Oh and that draws our attention to this specific lot who hesitate from canines, we wonder why you didn’t like them till now but maybe today we can give you enough reason. We have 5 stories of dogs killing people that will leave you trembling!

Number 1. Dog kills mother and son
Number 2. Dog shoots owner
Number 3. Pet pit bulls kill owner
Number 4. Wolf dog hybrid kills infant
Number 5. Pack of pit bulls maul a man

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