5 Animals Who’ve Had The Worst Job Experiences

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Human beings have a knack for domesticating animals, after all they’ve been doing it for ages now! But apart from keeping them as pets, humans often look to the animal kingdom to seek a helping hand or shall we say a helping paw or wing? We’ve already seen dogs sniffing drugs for the police forces and horses and cattle pulling heavy equipment and we have accepted this non-human help. But there aren’t many animal jobs out there if you aren’t considering the arduous work they do in laboratories playing the muse! You wouldn’t want to end up in such a job or if you do, you’d start protesting with a copy of labor laws, right? Well, there are some animals who could do with such protests. Don’t believe us? Check out these animals who’ve had the worst job experience!

Number 1. Rescuing Coal miners
Number 2. Confinement clause
Number 3. Beauty pageant
Number 4. Harvesting monkeys
Number 5. Circus life

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