15 Hottest News Anchors Who Are Too Hot To Handle

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Hello people, did you hear the latest news? What, you don’t sip your morning cuppa with a newspaper in hand or eyes glued to a screen showing the latest updates around the world! You are of a rare variety my friend, tuning into the latest news is a “never-miss” morning ritual for a lot of people. But what’s your reason for turning a blind eye to the world? Yea we know, headlines these days revolve around crime and that is tough to stomach, especially at the start of the day. But what if there is a lucrative incentive waiting for you when you tune in to the news channel? Don’t be confused, allow us to introduce you to the hottest female news anchors in the world!

Number 1. Yanet Garcia
Number 2. Cindy Burbano
Number 3. Cristina Dochianu
Number 4. Mélissa Theuriau
Number 5. Sonia Shenoy
Number 6. Demetria Obilor
Number 7. Jenna Lee
Number 8. Abby Huntsman
Number 9. Sarah Harman
Number 10. Mayra Moreno
Number 11. Ivory Hecker
Number 12. Susana Almeida
Number 13. Courtney Friel
Number 14. Jennifer Reyna
Number 15. Natasha Exelby

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