12 Things That You Should Stop Buying Immediately

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Every person on this planet loves to go on a shopping spree. Be it the festive purchases or buying things for your daily needs, we shop things that are not necessary. In fact, some of them have such a perilous effect on our health. Others are hazardous for the environment in one way or the other. So what are these things which we should stop buying immediately? Here are ten things that you should avoid at all costs.

Number 1. Bottled Water
Number 2. Denim Clothing
Number 3. Bead Laden Soap And Body Wash
Number 4. Purchasing Pets Just For Our Own Enjoyment
Number 5. Over-packaged and processed foods
Number 6. Ivory
Number 7. Products with palm oil
Number 8. Diamond Jewelry
Number 9. Buying Game Currency
Number 10. Ancient Chinese medicines
Number 11. Single-use Plastic
Number 12. Styrofoam

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