10 Unbelievable Facts That Will Change Your Perception On Ravens

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Ravens have always been interesting creatures. These birds, seemingly ill-mannered and somewhat ugly, have a lot more beneath their frugal appearance. As the Old Testament states, in the smoldering remains of wrathful destruction, nothing was permitted to pass through except ravens. Surely there must be something extremely amazing about them. Well, if you are in mood to unravel the secret behind this bird, then here are 10 incredible facts about ravens.

Number 10. Ravens Are Extremely Intelligent
Number 9. Ravens Can Imitate Human Speech
Number 8. Ravens Show Empathy for each other
Number 7. Ravens Are Extremely Playful
Number 6. Ravens Live From Deserts To Coniferous Forests And Coastal Cliffs
Number 5. Ravens are the best birds in the crow family
Number 4. Ravens Were Considered A Symbol Of Bad Weather And Storms
Number 3. Ravens Have Some Weird Habits
Number 2. Ravens Can Live As Long As 70 Years
Number 1. They Have A Special Relation With Wolves

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