10 Things Every Couple Should Try

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All the couples in the world, attention please. Have you heard about something known as the honeymoon phase of a relationship? We are talking about the first 4 months where everything looks like a cupcake, beautiful and tempting! But remember we said it’s a phase so yes, it fades out after a couple of months and all you are left with is a dreary bland relationship which is crying for some spice! Don’t admit it but deep down you know this has happened to you but guess what? We have the key to this lock- a list of things you should do with your significant other to get back the lost essence! So let’s get down to rebuild your relationship!

Number 1. Recreate your first date
Number 2. Hobby exchange
Number 3. Worm racing
Number 4. Blind date
Number 5. Cooperating activity
Number 6. Shut up and dance
Number 7. Strip wrestling
Number 8. Create a music playlist
Number 9. Write erotic fiction
Number 10. Spend the night at a B&B

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