10 Things Donald Trump Does Differently Than The Rest Of The World

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Arrogant, Rich, Controversial and a bit mysterious are some words that come to mind when describing Donald Trump. But what exactly separates him from the rest of us.? Let’s find out.


Number 10. Marriages


Much like he’s a man of many thoughts, Donald Trump is also a man of many wives. The man has been married thrice in his lifetime, and has made sure that every wedding was as spectacular as the previous one. For his 2005 wedding with Melania Trump, Trump ordered a Christian Dior dress for the bride, costing a spectacular $100,000. While the entire wedding costed Trump over $1 million!


Number 9. Everything Gold


Except from a couple of Saudi Sheikhs, Trump is one of the few billionaires who know what it’s like to sit on a toilet seat that’s made entirely of gold. Even his Boeing 757 is equipped with gold plated seat belts and gold faucets.

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