10 Reasons Why Younger Women Like Dating Older Men

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That was a nice title, we managed to get you here so we deserve a pat on our back! Alright now back to the point, we know we said that young women like older men but before you young boys decide to dye your hair grey to get them, it doesn’t apply to every girl! But you probably have faced a situation where you were trying to woo a girl and did everything right, from dressing to texting to one liners but she still ended up with your senior. We totally get you buddy, we’ve been there and done that. So we thought why not help the likes of you to understand where you went wrong or rather what are the young girls looking for. Are you interested in this ride into a young girl’s mind who goes gaga over older men?

Number 10. They have an old world charm
Number 9. They’re more established
Number 8. They are better communicators
Number 7. They’ve got time
Number 6. They’re better at relationships
Number 5. They are smarter and wiser
Number 4. They’ve kicked bad habits
Number 3. They are more confident
Number 2. They aren’t looking to change the woman
Number 1. They know what they are doing in bed

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