10 Real Life Superheroes With Unbelievable Super Powers Caught On Camera



Superpowers don’t only exist in big screens and comic books. Some people are born with powers, that would even make Batman jealous. Here are 10 such superheroes.


Number 1. Magnetic Man

Liew Thow Lin is a 80 years old Malaysian man with the ability to stick metal objects to his body. Apparently, his skin has a special suction effect that can stick metal. But this ability is more common than you think. Maybe even you have it, but haven’t realized it yet.


Number 2. The Iceman

Wim Hof is a Dutch daredevil with an unusual talent. Using mind control, he can regulate his body temperature, allowing his body to withstand sub zero temperatures for up to 2 hours. And while some people wouldn’t dream of climbing Everest without warm clothing, Mr. Hof has done that only in shorts.


Number 3. Electroman

Raj Mohan Nair is an Indian with the unique ability to withstand electric currents that could easily kill another person. For an average person, only one tenth of an amp is enough to cause heart failure. Meanwhile, Mohan can withstand 60 times that amount of electricity, without hurting himself.


Number 4. Zhao Rui

While Shoalin masters use the art of Kung Fu to attain inner peace and practice self defence, Zhao Rui uses it to perform life threatening stunts. This include bending an iron rod with his neck, and holding an electric drill to his head for 10 seconds.


Number 5. Ben Underwood

After being diagnosed with retinal cancer at birth, doctors never considered Ben Underwood to lead a normal life. Astonishingly though, Ben started to see the world around him using echolocation, a practice that uses sound to locate nearby objects. Ben was so good at this, that he could ride a bike and even play basketball with friends.


Number 6. Super Samurai

You know someone is definitely a super hero when they can slice a bullet in half. Isao Machii is a Japanese modern samurai with skills so unbelievable, you must see in order to believe. This man is such a master swordsman, that he can accurately slice anything thrown at him, including a speeding bullet.


Number 7. Liam Hoekstra

The following 12 year old has been described as a real life version of Superman. And for a good reason too. By the time he was 3 years old, Liam was stronger than a 7 year old boy. It turns out that Liam has a condition called Muscle hypertrophy, which allows his body to build muscle much faster than other kids.


Number 8. Night Vision

Nong Youhui is a young Chinese boy with the unique ability to see in the dark. His superpower first emerged after an eye check up discovered that his eyes glowed under light, like a cat. This earned him the nickname, Cat Boy.


Number 9. Marathon Man

Dean Karnazes is a marathon runner, who can run forever. We’re not kidding. Some of his achievements include running 560 km on a treadmill for 80 hours, and running 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days!


Number 10. Randy Gardner

Randy Gardner has the world record for not sleeping for 11 days straight. Staying awake for longer periods is considered so dangerous that Guinness no longer acknowledges sleep deprivation records. Nonetheless, many students would still like this superpower, especially before an exam. Right ?



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