10 Larger Than Life Machines That You Have To See To Believe

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While our technological and communication devices get smaller, our machines are getting bigger and bigger. Here are 10 machines so huge, that they would make even dinosaurs look like toys !


Number 1. Bagger 288

Meet the Bagger 288 Excavator, world’s largest land vehicle. Built by Krupp, a German company, this monster machine is 95 meters high and 215 meters long. That’s nearly a queue of trucks with length of 250 km ! Not only can it excavate enough coal to fill 2500 rail cars, but it can also crush a bulldozer if its driver is not careful enough.


Number 2. Caterpillar 797

Caterpillar 797 is the largest truck ever built. But unless you work in a mine, you’re probably never going to see one. Everything about the Cat 797 is huge, even its price tag of $5 million. Measuring 50 feet long and 51 feet tall, this machine can easily carry weight up to 400 tonnes.

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