10 Insanely Expensive Things That Make No Sense

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Money can’t buy happiness, we’ve all heard about it but maybe it is more comfortable to cry in a Lamborghini than on a bicycle. So money it is! So what will you do if suddenly you win $100 million in a lottery? Uhmm, you’d probably begin with a big house, a few cars, loads of designer clothes and accessories and so on. Some might use this money to buy their dream airplane or yacht or other such things. But what happens when you have tons of money left after you bought every item money can buy? Here we have a list of 10 things that you will buy only if your money is being chewed on by rats!

Number 10. Louise Vuitton Condom
Number 9. Diamond pacifier
Number 8. Vacuum cleaner with Swarovski crystals
Number 7. Electric wheel suitcase
Number 6. Golden bicycle
Number 5. Blue dumplings
Number 4. Luxurious bed with precious stones
Number 3. Golden shoelaces
Number 2. A crocodile leather umbrella
Number 1. Golden iPhone with a diamond

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