10 Insanely Expensive Food Dishes That We Can Only Dream Of Tasting

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The richest of the rich indulge in the most expensive dishes, just because they can. The rest of us, would probably need a loan to pamper our taste buds with the following extravagant meals.

10. FleurBurger 5000

No other city does extravagant better than Las Vegas, home to America’s most expensive burger. Priced at a wallet busting $5000, this majestic burger is loaded with foie gras, black truffles and wine worth $5300 in itself. So make sure to try this the next time you hit a jackpot in the sin city.


9. Yubari King Melon

Grown in Japan, the Yubari King Melon are considered as the perfect balance between proportion and taste. A perfectly proportioned pair of Yubari Melons can fetch as much as $23,500. Can you believe that.?


8. Frrrozen “Haute” Chocolate

With $25,000, would you rather buy a brand new SUV or indulge in some fancy hot chocolate. For those preferring the second option, the Serendipity restaurant in New York city has something for you. A dessert made with the finest cocoa beans, truffles and gold. Plus, the serving goblet and the spoon are made of gold as well.


7. Lindeth Howe Pudding

Styled like a Faberge Easter egg and costing $35,000, this delicious chocolate dish is prepared with high class cocoa beans, gold, caviar and a two carat diamond. And as tempting it may look, you just might lose your appetite after seeing the price tag.


6. Platinum cake

Have you heard the expression, Have your cake and eat it too.? Well, in Japan, you can not only have your cake, but also wear it. Created by Japanese pastry chef, this cake costs about $130,000, and is adorned with platinum necklaces, pins, and even platinum flakes.


5. Italian White Alba Truffle

It may be hard to believe, but one of most expensive food on this list is a type of fungus. Truffles are extremely rare and considered to be a major part in the haute cuisine. In fact, the most expensive truffle sold till date were for $160,406 for 1.51 kg.


4. Royal Pizza

The Royal Pizza was initially created in the ultra elegant Pierchic restaurant in Dubai, specially for, you guessed it right, Dubai’s royal family. The cost of this pizza is about $204,200. Why, you ask.? Well, some of its ingredients include Italian truffles, French foie gras and two ounces of gold leaves.!


3. Albino White Gold Caviar

Priced at a whooping $300,000 per kilo, the White gold caviar is served only in the uber rich restaurants of the world. Made from rare albino fish eggs and laced with 22 carat gold, just 1 teaspoon of this delicacy would cost you about $1100 !


2. Bluefin Tuna

Bluefin Tuna is a migratory fish which is prized by Sushi eaters for its red meaty flesh. The rich are willing to pay top dollar for this fish, even though it’s an endangered species. In January this year, a bluefin tuna was sold for $600,000 at a Japanese auction.


1. Strawberries Arnaud

At first glance, Strawberries Arnaud looks like a regular bowl of sliced fruit. But there’s a reason why this dish costs about $3.95 million. There’s a 7.09 carat pink diamond engagement ring that comes with the dessert, which is soaked in $25,000 wine.



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