10 Hot Weather Girls Who Will Motivate You To Watch The News

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What’s one of the first things you do every morning? Ah, we know you attend to “nature’s call” but what after you you’ve flushed your morning business down the drain? Yes, you check the weather app but suppose we drag you back to what you’ll probably call Stone Age then you’ll switch on the TV and tune in to some weather channel. Though this may sound SO “last decade” but the female news presenters are motivation enough for us to go through this morning ordeal. Don’t believe us? Check out our list of the 10 hottest weather girls and then you can dutifully delete the app in your phone and go back to the good old days of TV weather reports!

Number 10. Evelyn Taft
Number 9. Lluvia Carrillo
Number 8. Kristi Capel
Number 7. Leticia Castro
Number 6. Mayte Carranco
Number 5. Jackie Guerrido
Number 4. Sugey Abrego
Number 3. Ximena Cordoba
Number 2. Sheena Parveen
Number 1. Yanet Garcia

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