10 Female Golfers Who Can Rival Beauty Queens

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Golf, a male dominated sport that has never allowed women to enter into the ‘holy’ space, is making way for them! Things are changing with women plunging into the sport and breaking all stereotypes. We see a positive change in there, you go girls! Alright, women are taking charge but men are also benefiting from it. You’d call us crazy, after all, what is women golf giving to the male clan? Oh come on, the sport has brought many gorgeous ladies to limelight, if you know what we mean! They ladies are active on social media and giving leading models a run for their money! Don’t believe us? Hold your breath and open your arms for the most beautiful women in golf; keep your eyes open!

Number 10. Natalie Gulbis
Number 9. Sandra Gal
Number 8. Holly Sonders
Number 7. Paula Creamer
Number 6. Blair O’Neal
Number 5. Paige Spiranac
Number 4. Cheyenne Woods
Number 3. Belén Mozo
Number 2. Lexi Thompson
Number 1. Lucy Robson

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