10 Facts About Tomorrowland That Prove That It’s The Best EDM Festival Ever

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Tomorrowland has to be the most hotly anticipated festival in the world, with thousands of EDM enthusiasts making the journey to Belgium for this mecca of music festivals. But what makes this festival so special.? Let’s find out.

Number 10. Free Tickets

Attending Tomorrowland for free today.? Impossible. But 12 years back, before the word “Tomorrowland” became synonymous with “Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat”, organizers were actually worried that no one will show up at the festival at all. So, they had to give free passes to people, just to fill out the arena.


Number 9. Tickets Sell Out Within A Second

Having enough money to attend Tomorrowland is useless, without a speck of luck. In 2013, millions sat across their computer screens to get inside its heavenly gates, but in just one second, the admission tickets were completely sold out.

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