10 Dangerous Things Around You That Could Cost You Your Life

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There are lots of things around us that could take our lives. Be it a speeding car or a gun, any of these things could be dangerous for our own existence. While most of these things are obvious killers, there are some unsuspecting daily use things which could send you six feet under. Some of these objects are so common that they can be found in your house, right now. So are you tickled with curiosity? Here are 10 Surprising Everyday Things That Could Possibly Kill You.

Number 10. Golf Clubs
Number 9. Hot Tubs
Number 8. Scarves
Number 7. Beds
Number 6. Icicles
Number 5. Tylenol
Number 4. Escalators
Number 3. Toothpaste
Number 2. Headphones
Number 1. Hot Dogs

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