10 Crazy Facts About Oktoberfest That Every Beer Lover Must Know

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If you have even the faintest interest in beer, you’ll know that brew lovers from around the world gather each year in Munich, Germany to celebrate Oktoberfest. But there are still some things most people don’t know about this festival of 3 B’s – Boobs, Beers and Bavaria.


Number 10. Starts In September



Despite its name, Oktoberfest actually begins in September. But why call it Oktoberfest, if it’s really in September.? Well, the first one did happen in October, but it was moved to September due to the weather. Drinking under sun is considered more pleasurable, and Germany’s September is a lot warmer than October. But with all that beer, we don’t think being warm would be much of a problem.


Number 9. Celebrations For A King



The origins of this beer drinking heaven can be traced back to 1810, when it was first held to celebrate the 12th wedding of Bavarian prince, Ludwig to Saxon princess, Hildburghausen Therese. Every single citizen in Munich was invited to the party, which went on for five whole days.

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