10 Countries With The Highest Number Of Beautiful Women. Is Your Country One Of Them ?

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While every country has its own fair share of beautiful women, there are some that are better at producing a higher number of exceptional female beauties. Here at 10 countries which are home to some of the hottest goddess on the planet.


Number 10. Venezuela



This South American country is famous for its history, oil reserves, landscapes and amazingly beautiful women. The ladies of Venezuela put a lot of effort into standing out and being pretty and it’s not hard to see that as well. Maybe, that’s the reason why they emerge at the top of so many international beauty pageants.


Number 9. India



India is the land of good food, festivals, and tradition. But these are not the only things the country is renowned for. Indians have some of the most beautiful cultural costumes in the world. But the women who wear them are definitely more beautiful. With their dusky skin tone and attractive facial features, Indian women benefit from a mix of beauty secrets passed down from generation to generation.

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